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Information on payments for renewable electricity in the UK. Now subject to change

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Solar Panel Installations

Are you looking for professional electricity experts to install solar panels on your home or commercial property? Here at Business Electric, we have a team of fully-qualified technicians with years of experience performing solar panel installations.

Should I install solar panels on my property?

When it comes to running a property, you can soon be inundated with costly bills and expenses. Luckily, the majority of these bills can be cut significantly in the long-term by using alternatives - such as solar panels.

Energy efficiency

Solar installation is beneficial for many reasons, with the most notable being that your property becomes more energy efficient. Instead of relying on non-renewable energy sources to generate power for heating and electricity, you harness the power of the sun using an environmentally-friendly system.

Cheaper costs

Completing a solar installation also helps you to cut the costs of maintaining a property. You only pay the upfront cost of installing solar panels… After that, it’s free! Plus, if you generate more power than the property needs, you’re able to cash-in on your stock by selling it to the National Grid.

How can I install solar panels on my property?

Because the installation of solar panels can be complex, a professional electricity technician is required to set-up the process you require before energy can be generated. We have a team of electricity technicians that can assist with this and help your property to become cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, as soon as possible.

Roof space

Along with a technician, your property must be suitable before continuing with a solar panel installation. Solar panels are fitted to the roof of your property as it has direct access to the sun. Because of this, substantial roof space is required to install solar panels.

The size of your desired solar panel system depends on the amount of roof space the property has. However, the majority of homes and commercial properties in the UK are large enough for solar installation, so this should not be a cause for concern.

If you’re worried that you may not have enough space to install solar panels on your roof, our team are happy to assess your property and give a definitive answer.

Finding a solar PV installer

We understand that finding a reputable installer to fit your solar panels can be a tricky task. You want to make sure that the person working on your property is fully-trained, qualified and insured to carry-out such a large task!

For that reason, our team of solar PV installers are trained to complete the job and fully-qualified to work with electricity.

If you’re looking for further assistance to set-up your solar panels or find a reputable solar PV installer, simply contact our team today. With extensive expertise in fitting, installing and maintaining solar panels on UK properties, we’d love to help.

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